Responsive Web Designing is the Future

With a vast majority of internet users now shifting from computers to mobile devices as their preferred medium of accessing the internet, one simply cannot afford to not consider designing for mobile devices. Over the years numerous approaches have been considered to cater to the needs of the mobile user, but the most promising and practical of all these approaches is Responsive Web Design.

2013 has been termed as the “year of responsive web design” by many web design gurus and we at United Victory Technologies firmly believe that having a single platform that caters to all devices and browsers is the way to go in developing websites that are future proof. A responsive website will allow everyone access to basic content and functionality of a website, starting with the smallest of devices (eg, your smartphone) and then gradually enhancing the experience as you move up to larger devices that have more advanced browser software, greater bandwidth and more powerful processing.

Not to mention the SEO advantages of having a single URL in responsive design versus dynamic serving via separate URLs. In short, responsive designs are the future of the web and all effort towards designing mobile ready websites should have responsive web design as their base.

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