Web design

United Victory Technologies offers experienced, established web designers who can help you to build your website. Our professional designers have extensive experience in building user-friendly sites with great graphics and a clean, professional look. Whether you need an e-commerce website, a corporate brand website, a dynamic social network or just a simple online profile, rest assured that our designers have built it many times before.

When we build your website, we carefully listen to your goals and ideas and work hard to bring your vision to life. Our online marketing professionals have trained our web designers to build sites that are meticulously optimized for search engines and able to quickly build strong followings.

Websites built by United Victory Technologies are scalable and sustainable. As your needs grow, our websites are equipped to make the necessary changes and additions accordingly. Our websites are also sustainable in that customers should not be able to guess the year in which your website was made simply by looking at it. We have tools that enable us to update and customize your website over time, and we will not abandon you after we have built your site. Our professional web designers stand behind their work and will help you whenever necessary.

Our team works with a variety of web design technologies, including:

  • HTML/CSS designs;
  • PHP/MySQL database & programming;
  • ASP.NET Microsoft technologies;
  • PSD creation and splicing;
  • Geo-location Mapping & Integration;
  • Javascript, JQuery and other client side scripting;
  • Flash & Flash movies & games &Actionscript;
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

Our expert online marketers will help you drive traffic to your website after it has been built. Our IT staff, based in Nagpur will consult with you on the sort of hosting infrastructure that you will need. We are here for you. To speak with a professional web designer about your needs at no cost, please fill out the contact form to the left or call 840 - 891 - 8623.